My name is Emmanuel Jeanmarie, from presidential campaigns to  US army public affairs office, my friends have long referred to me as “Manno.” For this reason, we named the studio “Manno Studios.  ”

                                                                                Our studio is
With over twelve years of experience in commercial, fashion, portraits and event photography; we have been extremely fortunate to have received a number of prestigious awards.

based in Pueblo West, Colorado. However, we travel frequently for most of our outdoor shoots at the client’s request.

Collaborating with us is simple; we like to keep it that way for your comfort and ours. You as the client tell us what your goal is; based on your needs, we will provide a hair stylist, make-up artist, wardrobe expert, and stage manager, all for one fixed price. At the end of final editing, we meet with you to present your images. The images are a separate price of course from the actual shoot package.

As our client, your privacy and your project’s confidentiality are a top priority. We guarantee no social media or press leaks. We would never share or use your final prints as a promotional piece without your express knowledge and explicit written approval.

We are transparent throughout each step of your project and seek to create a relationship with you that honors continuous communication throughout the duration of your project. Our ads promote equality for gender and race. We reserve the right to cancel at any point of the project if we find a violation to our social obligation and internal policies.

We look very forward to collaborating with you.


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-Pueblo west,Co

-Colorado Springs,Co


Manno.Studio is insured by PhotoCare, one of the leading commercial insurer in the world.

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